Natural Wood Sand & Seal

Perhaps you've lifted up the carpet to discover a wooden floor underneath or maybe it has been some time since your floor was last sanded? Whatever your reasons for sanding and sealing your natural wood floor we at FloorTech UK are confident that we can give your floor a new lease of life, achieving amazing results, even when it seems that a floor is beyond repair.

Often a full sand is often not needed and a cut and seal service is the more appropriate option.

Sanded and refinished floors are hygienic, practical and sleek, they are low maintenance and what is more, easy to clean.

New products are continuously coming onto the market, so we keep up to date with all the latest developments in wood floor sanding technology and floor care products. We assess new stains and sealants – testing them so that we understand how to apply them for maximum effect.

Need To Hire a Floor Fitter?

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We don't have a jack of all trades approach to flooring; instead we prefer our fitters to be specialists within their own fields, all fully trained and qualified to the highest industry standards.

Floor sanding need not be a messy business. We leave no damage or dirt, no nasty solvent smell, just amazing wood floors as a foundation for your home’s interior, - a beautiful backdrop for your furniture and belongings.

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