Will you measure my job for me?

A FloorTech UK representative will be more than happy to visit your property to take accurate measurements of the area you would like fitted and to also make an appraisal of your current sub-floor and the required materials to complete the job to the highest standard.

Will you fit a job I have measured myself?

FloorTech UK are happy to fit floors working from measurements provided by clients via email. In these instances it is the client's responsibility to ensure that all measurements are accurate and that they have also given an accurate description of the sub-floor and advised FloorTech UK of any foreseeable issues.

Will you fit my floor if I bought it somewhere else?

FloorTech UK are more than happy to fit a floor you bought from someone else. In these instances the onus is on the customer to ensure that they have bought enough materials to fit the area in question and that the materials are appropriate for the area to be fitted. FloorTech UK holds no accountability for products bought from another retailer and as such will not guarantee flooring bought from another retailer though in all instances we will guarantee our fit of said product.

Need To Hire a Floor Fitter?

Hire your fitter now Hire Floortech

We don't have a jack of all trades approach to flooring; instead we prefer our fitters to be specialists within their own fields, all fully trained and qualified to the highest industry standards.

Can I get a quote over the phone?

FloorTech UK will provide estimates over the phone. But it must be understood that estimates are based on the information you provide us with. If we arrive at a job and find that the information we have been provided with is inaccurate for any reason then we cannot be held to our original 'blind' estimate. On the rare occasions when this occurs FloorTech will provide you with a full quote based on our own measurements and assessment of the area to be fitted prior to commencing any work.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime up to five days (Inclusive) prior to the day work is scheduled to start. After that there is a 25% surcharge.