FloorTech UK supply and fit a huge range of carpet styles to our residential customers. We have an experienced team of fitters, all specialists within their own field. We are also more than happy to fit carpet sourced elsewhere.

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The Benefits of a Carpet Floor

There are many benefits of opting for carpet in either a residential or commercial environment:

  • Carpet provides actual thermal resistance, or R-value.
  • Carpet adds a high aesthetic value, with thousands of styles and colours to choose from.
  • Carpet provides noise reduction absorbing sounds and working as a sound barrier between floors, blocking sound transmission to the floors below.

Carpet Tiles and Commercial Carpet Flooring

Originally developed as a hardwearing alternative to traditional broadloom carpets, carpet tiles have been on the market for over half a decade. With continued product innovation and a wealth of styles at your disposal carpet tiles are a superb option for large spaces - for example, why replace entire carpet as a result of spillage when a single tile can be replaced?

Need To Hire a Floor Fitter?

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We don't have a jack of all trades approach to flooring; instead we prefer our fitters to be specialists within their own fields, all fully trained and qualified to the highest industry standards.

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles:

There are many benefits of using carpet tiles:

  • Carpet Tiles are easy to install
  • Carpet Tiles are easy to transport as they can be stacked easily
  • Carpet Tiles are a fantastic solution for awkwardly shaped spaces
  • Carpet Tiles are easy to replace
  • Carpet Tiles are a cost effective solution as they require no underlay or adhesives.

Carpet installation and Fitting:

As with any floor type, regardless of the quality of the product itself if it is essential that it is fitted by an industry professional to get the most out of your product. FloorTech UK have an experienced team of fitters who are all confident working on large contract jobs in addition to residential projects.

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