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Garage floors come with the standard associated problems; dusty environments with limited space. They need to be able to withstand a multitude of environmental pressures from oils, grease chemicals and heavy loads. The right kind of garage flooring can provide the perfect solution to just those very problems. Garage floor coatings can be broken down into two main products; those of paint and epoxy resin.

Paint – this can be used on a mildly contaminated concrete subfloor, reducing the requirement for floor prep, this is often the most budget friendly solution but is not always the best option for a long term flooring solution.

Epoxy Resin – For those looking for a more durable long term solution, epoxy resin provides a low maintenance resilient surface. Available in a wealth of colours and textures they provide an attractive and durable solution for any garage.

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The Benefits of an Epoxy resin Garage Floor

  • Optional sub floor preparation prior to applying finish (levelling screed)
  • Epoxy resin
  • Durable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Choice of anti-slip finishes
  • Dust reduction